Extend your water usage by up to 25% with a King Water Saver!

How it Works:


Ensure the pump and hot water heating are turned on.

Turn on the hot water tap, or faucet when turned to hot. Water flow will immediately cease (if caliphont used) or at least reduce to a dribble (if hot water cylinder used).

If the King Water Saver electronic box is mounted in a visible position, the operating light will flash, confirming the King Water Saver is doing its job. This will continue until the water in the system has reached the preset temperature.

Upon reaching the preset temperature, a buzzer will sound, the operating light will become constant, and hot water will flow at normal pressure from the hot tap.

If the user continues to use hot water the temperature will be maintained without help from the King Water Saver. The King Water Saver will be reactivated when the temperature in the hot water line falls below the preset temperature.

Once a user is comfortable with the operation of the system, the buzzer may be disconnected (refer to the installation manual).

If for any reason hot water cannot be retrieved from a hot water cylinder (because it is cold or not up to the preset temperature) the King Water Saver will automatically switch itself off after forty seconds.

It's as simple as that.

Like any other device, continued use enables the user to get the best out of their unit, and small variations will result. The tap or faucet does not have to be left on once the King Water Saver is activated - some users have maintained the buzzer permanently, turning off the tap at the commencement of the process. The buzzer then lets users know when the water is up to temperature, and they return to the tap/shower, turning it back on when they are ready to use it.

Using the King Water Saver is simplicity itself.

The process will become as natural as using the microwave, or the toaster, the kettle, or the sandwich maker! And the water saving over a day or a week, or a holiday, will amaze the user.

Need more information?

Try reading our Frequently Asked Questions for more details about how the King Water Saver works, how it can be used, the installation process etc.