Have you got a question about the King Water Saver? Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions below. However if there is anything you need to know, feel free to contact us on 0800 SAVE H2O.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did this product come about?

For many years inventor Chris King puzzled over the water wastage in his motor home, and the impact of that on his limited storage tanks. Chris realised that if he could find a way of saving the cold water in the hot water line, he could eliminate much of this wastage. Five years of extensive designing and prototyping resulted in the King Water Saver going into production. It is now patented for New Zealand and Australia.

When installed, what actually happens with the King Water Saver?

The King Water Saver attaches to the hot water line, and simply redirects the cold water in the hot water line back to source, until the water coming through to the hot water outlet reaches a predetermined temperature. The hot water is then redirected to the outlet - usually a hot water tap or shower.

Yes, but what do you see?

Actually very little. Depending on the pressure in the system, no water or a very small amount of water drips out... until the hot water emerges. Hey presto, no wastage.

Doesn’t it drive you mad, waiting while nothing happens?

Not as bad as watching water wasted down the plughole! Same timescale, but very resource friendly.

Can I still cool down the hot water when it arrives?

If you plan to cool down the hot water, you may choose to capture what little comes out of the hot water tap when you turn it on, or wait until after the hot water has arrived. Either way it is a matter of doing what suits you best.

How do I know how much water would be saved using the King Water Saver?

Try testing your existing system. Measure the amount of cold water that arrives in your sink before the hot arrives, by plugging the sink or catching the water in a jug. The greater the distance between the tap and the hot water cylinder, or califont, the more you will save. You will be surprised how much it amounts to. Consider then, how many times a day you will switch the tap on and waste that amount - it soon adds up. In fact, up to 1200ml in our testing.

What other advantages are there to installing a King Water Saver?

Well apart from the positive vibes from saving a natural resource (and perhaps saving water rates) motor home and caravan users have the added advantage of reducing grey waste.

If the water in the hot water cylinder is not hot, what happens?

The King Water Saver works as normal for about 40 seconds, then turns off to enable the system to work, and cold water to flow.

I understand that the King Water Saver was designed for Motorhomes, Caravans and boats. Can it be used in houses?

The current model on the market is principally used for motorhomes, caravans and boats... but work is in progress on a model for the rural market.